Written by: Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE
Author of 'The Incredible Power of Staff Networks' and Founder of The Power of Staff Networks consultancy

Do you remember that programme called Monk? The former police detective who suffered a breakdown after the death of his wife Trudy. Monk had numerous compulsive habits and a number of phobias but had a sharp memory and could solve the most complex of cases.

But one nearly got the better of him.

Written by: Roland Chesters
Author of 'Ripples from the Edge of Life' & Founder of Luminate Consultancy

There has been much discussion of late in the international HIV community of comparison between the current Covid 19 pandemic and the ongoing global HIV/AIDS pandemic. In terms of the statistics, as of today, 29 April there are 2.8M cases of Covid 19 worldwide, and more than 200K deaths worldwide. Since the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981 an estimated 74.9 million people globally have become infected with HIV and 32 million people have died of AIDS-related illnesses.


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