Welcome to Diversity Voices.  Put simply this is where you'll find a curated selection of inspiring, motivational and thought provoking interviews with those as passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion as we are.

Barry Boffy

Diversity Voices Interview:  Barry Boffy

"We can spend a huge amount of time and energy increasing the diversity of our workforce, but if the culture or practices of an organisation are not inclusive then they will lose that diverse workforce over time."

Caroline Turner

Diversity Voices Interview:  Caroline Turner

"A business has to be ready to twist again, to open up employee engagement, to be brave and ask questions."

Roland Chesters

Diversity Voices Interview: Roland Chesters

"The employer wants to do their best by their employee but simply have no knowledge or awareness of how to do that."

Marsha Ramroop

Diversity Voices Interview: Marsha Ramroop

"There are many too who think issues of e.g. racism and sexism have gone away, this sadly is part of a prejudiced culture."


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