Photo of IEDP seminar

The UK's Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals was formally launched in Birmingham on 26 January 2009. This was largely in response to research carried out by the then Learning and Skills Council which identified the need for such an organisation.

The Institute promotes excellence in equality, diversity and human rights professional practice. The Institute is an independent professional body, run by our members. All activities are funded by individual and corporate member subscriptions and by corporate sponsorship. 

The Board has commissioned Not For Profit Business Services to provide the Institute with a full secretarial service, enabling Board members to concentrate on core objectives instead of using valuable time on administrative matters.

Definition of 'Equality and Diversity Professional'

Our definition of an 'equality and diversity professional' is a broad one. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Specialist practitioners who work in the sector, for example as employees, consultants, trainers and academics
  • Board members with an equalities portfolio
  • Managers who must deliver equality and human rights outcomes as part of their main tasks
  • Unpaid volunteers who advise public, private and third sector businesses on delivering equality and human rights outcomes

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